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“Reiki for Me” is just what it says. It’s caring for self,
wanting to achieve that balance and sense of focus
‘within’. It is when we attain that sense of “True Self”
that we can then manifest ourselves most effectively
to others.

“Reiki for Me” is Reiki Level 1. Reiki is a gentle, non-
invasive practice that originated in Japan. It is where
Mikao Usui began his journey. In this course we will
focus on the knowledge and understanding of the
practice, have the opportunity to learn with others, share
thoughts, questions, and concerns. You will be
supported through the process of developing your own
practice. You will learn of the history of the practice of
Reiki and know where you have a place in that history.

Who would benefit from this course? ANYONE.

A sense of balance and focus enhances wellness. Reiki
has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, instill a
greater sense of calm, improve sleep, help individuals
cope with side effects of chemotherapy, chronic illness,
and pain syndromes. When the mind and body achieve
a sense of balance, the body kickstarts its own
self-healing mechanism to support any other therapies/
treatments that are ongoing, or to maintain/achieve a
greater sense of wellness.

Reiki has no contraindications. It can be done
anywhere and anytime. Anyone can do Reiki- there are
no physical restrictions.


Balance and focus equals a happier YOU!

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***This course not intended for those who wish to extend their Reiki practice to others.***